Pajamadeen, a Beltway Refugee

An eclectic admixture of whatever news strikes our fancy at the moment. Pajamadeen began scribbling at the age of six, and just never stopped. She’s been told that she has “printers’ ink in her veins,” an old trade joke for writers who were just born to write. Dad was a writer too, so perhaps this is genetic. Thanks, Dad! You gave me a voice.



“When I’m writing, I know I’m doing the thing I was born to do.” — Anne Sexton


Great-Grandfather Cantrell in His Pharmacy

Great-grandfather Joseph Cantrell in his pharmacy.

Great-Grandmother Margaret Cantrell

Great-grandmother Margaret Cantrell.


Great-Uncle Pete Cantrell

Great-uncle Pete Cantrell, born in 1848, at age 100 in 1948. Lived to be 104 and was in perfect health, only dying because he was stone-cold deaf and didn’t hear a car coming as he crossed the road in front of his house to get to his rural mailbox. Life is full of little ironies.