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Pajamadeen reaches a wide audience in predominantly the United States, with substantial followings in Canada, Great Britain, Australia and India. At Quantcast, we rank as site number 62,569 in the United States. At Alexa, we rank as number 159,137 worldwide — an extremely high number, out of about 120 million websites and blogs.

Advertise at Pajamadeen, Affordable Advertising Rates

Our readers are 52 percent female, ages 25 to 49, with a college degree and an income of over $60,000 per year. They have children, and most often visit Pajamadeen from their homes. Readers spend a considerable amount of time at Pajamadeen, averaging 8.4 minutes per visitor, while viewing an average of 2.86 pages. We receive nearly 50,000 unique visitors a month, with some months trending up to almost 100,000 unique visitors.

We offer high visibility display ads and are open to header banner ads, as well as full site sponsorship. For header ads and site sponsorship inquiries, please contact us.

Worried that display ads don’t get the job done? Check out this article from the Silicon Alley Insider that lists some interesting facts from an OPA and Comscore study on 80 big brand campaigns:

The myth of the online display-ad click, however, has held fast, and advertisers have thus not really taken advantage of the messaging and branding benefits of them.

  • The Click Isn’t Everything — Currently, rich media CTRs average about 0.1 percent, with entertainment sites having the highest CTRs at 0.17 percent and financial services having the lowest at 0.06 percent. Also, 80 percent of display ad clicks come from less than 20 percent of the Internet population, indicating that clicks are not necessarily as relevant to brand advertisers.

  • Display Impacts Search Four Weeks after Exposure — According to comScore’s analysis, there was more than a 50 percent lift in Internet users conducting a query on a brand term one week after exposure to the display ad. After four weeks, the lift was around 38 percent, which is still significant. Indeed, a month after viewing the ad, 30 percent of Internet users actually visited the advertiser’s site.

  • Branded Display Improves Advertiser Site Engagement — Those who viewed a branded ad in this study spent around 34 minutes per unique visitor on the advertiser’s site, which was a 55 percent lift in time spent versus the 22 average minutes-per-unique when they were not shown the ad.

  • Branded Ad Campaigns Improve eCommerce Spend by an Average of 7 Percent — When comparing the users who were exposed to the branded ads versus those not exposed, comScore found a 7 percent lift in average eCommerce spend per ad site visitor. Specifically, travel spend was 9 percent higher among exposed users, CPG spend was 14 percent higher, and consumer electronics was 22 percent higher.

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