Tiny Town Round-Up, Roy and Ziggy Captured!

September 18, 2007 · Print This Article · Email This Post

Miniature HorseRun for the hills! Roy and Ziggy’s brief bid for freedom ended quickly the other afternoon when Penelope Puppy ratted them out.


TattletalePenelope, a 10-lb. spitfire with a ’tude, a red leather spiked collar she insisted on to perfect her junkyard dog look, and a healthy set of lungs capable of producing sounds attaining painful decibel levels, has various intonations to her bark, and this was an urgent “intruder!” “intruder!” alert demanding attention. Thinking the cause might be the UPS truck, Pajamadeen went to look. Penelope hates that big brown truck with a passion and will run to the end of her lead, gnashing her teeth, only to be stopped at lead’s end and flipped upside down. You’d think she’d learn, but apparently not.


CapturedStepping out the back door to see what the problem du jour was, there were two miniature horses, Roy and Ziggy, happily cantering from yard to yard. Hello! Look at us! What we’d heard in the distance and thought was someone calling for a lost dog turned out to be Roy and Ziggy’s owner. They were quickly taken into custody with bribes of carrots, a horse lead and some borrowed rope. We’ll get you, Penelope Puppy.


Read a story about the jerboa, a charming animal on the endangered species list.

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