Trouble Comes to Tiny Town, or Miss Maybelline’s Travails, Chapter 2

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Miss Maybelline in Dreamland

In which we learn that there are bad dogs out there, with equally crazy owners.

Casting the screen aside with her shoulder, Maybelline bounded joyfully out into the yard, smiling from ear to ear, to greet her visitor. But alas, Mr. Guard Dog instead saw a target, and not a potential friend. In the twinkling of an eye, he leapt into my yard (notice that operative phrase, “my yard”), and pinned the terrified Maybelline down on her back, one paw pressed into her jugular vein. Pajamadeen threw the book aside that she’d been attempting to read, as terrified and loud howls pierced the stillness of the previously unremarkable twilight.

Rushing outside, Penelope Puppy also got past Pajamadeen, who was struck by the position of the German Shepherd hovering over Maybelline. Last year, Penelope broke her lead and we’d heard similar terrified howls coming from across the street. And there was. . .Mr. German Shepherd. . .in the exact same pose over Penelope Puppy! Penelope, weighing in at about 10 lbs. at the time, didn’t fare as well as Maybelline. We heard no cars go by and can only assume that the Shepherd tossed Penelope in the air, during which she sustained a blowout fracture of her right front elbow. The howls of pain could be heard everywhere on this normally quiet street. Son of German Shepherd owner had raced out on that occasion and pulled his dog off of Penelope.

Penelope Puppy's Blowout Fracture

Penelope spent the better part of last summer in a cast. The choices were microsurgery at Vanderbilt University, which might or might not work but would cost $1,000 and up. . .amputate her leg. . .or splint it and hope for the best. Figuring that amputation could be reserved as an option if things didn’t work out, we went with plan c, splint it. It took several months, but she now will bear full weight on the leg.

So, the last thing we wanted to see in our back yard was that freakin’ German Shepherd pinning Maybelline down. Pajamadeen rushed out the door and. . .

(to be continued)

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