Burned Dog Faces Torturers in Court over Animal Cruelty

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A horribly burned and disfigured young dog, Mambo, will have a rare opportunity to face his alleged tormentors in open court in December. Set on fire and left for dead on August 10 in the small French Pyrenees village of Espira-de-l’Agly in southern France, the dog suffered third-degree burns to 50 percent of his body. A local police spokesman said: “Mambo was clearly looking for help when he went missing. He approached the pair because he is extremely friendly, but they showed him nothing but cruelty. He was held down by the woman, and then the man poured petrol [gasoline] over him, and set him alight. He was left for dead, but animal aid workers were alerted and managed to save him. He has made an amazing recovery.”

Mambo the Dog, a Victim of Animal Cruelty in Southern France

The 17-year-old man and 22-year-old woman who burned the small chocolate brown mixed-breed dog are charged with extreme animal cruelty: They face a prison sentence of up to six months in jail; fines up to $3,300 USD; and a lifetime ban from keeping any animal. Court authorities in the city of Perpignan, where the unprecedented trial will be held, have ruled that the defendants should remain anonymous until trial because there have already been threats of violence against them. Last week, people were so upset by what happened to Mambo that 200 protesters marched through Espira-de-l’Agly. The two accused are out of jail on bail until their December court date with Mambo, when Mambo’s terrible burns will be shown to the judge and jury by prosecutors. Meanwhile, Mayor Gerard Bile of Espira-de-l’Agly,said: “We are already sending the bills to the torturers’ families. What happened was grotesque. This hero dog deserves our full admiration.”

Mambo is in the care of the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) in Perpignan until a new home is found for him. I can’’t imagine that placing Mambo will be a problem. Mambo deserves a better life, and I’ll gladly adopt him if a home can’t be found.

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9 Responses to “Burned Dog Faces Torturers in Court over Animal Cruelty”

  1. MD Slavica Mazak Beslic on August 23rd, 2009 5:23 pm

    All sentient beings are persons.All persons are justice subjects-active or passive.In this case Mambo is passive justice subject, and these two monsters humans are active justice subjects who, for this crime, deserve much higher punishment, because if they all tree have an equal right,but different responsibility, because responsibility of active justice subject is always present.Up to 7 months prison is NOT  punishment which is adequate to this act- unadequate to the  level of  this  crime. Level of crime  and level of punishment must be adequate , doesn`t matter who is victim- active or passive justice subject.

  2. pajamadeen on August 23rd, 2009 5:34 pm

    Agree with you about the potential length of the punishment – I left my feelings about that out of the post to see if anyone would mention it.  I think the sentence and the fine are ridiculously low and cheapen life.  Maybe a more appropriate sentence would be – stay in prison as long as Mambo lives, while your family pays for all his dog food and veterinary needs.  Or, have someone light a match to the defendants if they’re found guilty, and see whether they like it or not.  😉

  3. Rina Deych, RN on August 24th, 2009 5:59 pm

    Thank you,  pajamadeen.  My sentiments, exactly.
    Not only do I think they should both be subjected to the same horrific torture they inflicted on this poor sentient creature, but (after that) they should have to spend years in jail, each with a cellmate twice their size, who just happens to be an animal lover.

  4. JBosch on August 24th, 2009 6:26 pm

    Why is the identity of these perpetrators hidden? In the olden days, people were placed into stocks so the community could see the criminal or in more modern times, their faces are on posters in the Post Office. Yeah, the police HAVE to hide them because they KNOW that this was an atrocious crime and people will seek retribution, which I wish they WOULD. The length of punishment is a slap in the face to the poor dog’s suffering and the fine is ridiculous. How about 5 years time and $20,000 and see how many people will think that roasting an innocent dog is something “fun” to do. These people are SICK and need to spend time in prison and a mental institution.

  5. pajamadeen on August 24th, 2009 9:03 pm

    I’m glad everyone agrees with me about the _short_ and inappropriate proposed sentence!  Just look into those eyes – a world of hurt and pain, bewilderment and wondering…why?  I want this baby so bad, but I imagine there is no shortage of people in France who would love to give him a home.  If anyone knows more about it, please let me know.  Such a beautiful dog, in my eyes.

  6. guinness on August 24th, 2009 10:29 pm

    they should release their names and let the public do their justice! How could people do this to an animal?

  7. S. L. Trout on August 25th, 2009 12:23 pm

    A truly brilliant tactic–making the criminals, the jury and all other interested parties view the results of such mindless, horrific cruelty. 

    These two should be permanently removed from society–they lack empathy and respect.  Without these crucial human qualities, their potential to harm humans is extremely high.  However, that being said, anyone who abuses, tortures or cruelly kills an animal should receive the strongest punishment law allows.  Remember, in suffering we are all equal, and this poor, defenseless dog has suffered, and continues to suffer pain beyond what most of us can scarcely imagine.  How heartbreaking.  I pray that Mambo eventually heals and is adopted by the kindest, most loving person.  He deserves to know the best of humanity now.

  8. enigmatic_1 on August 27th, 2009 2:47 pm

    This is absolutely horrifying. I only wish the international community supported logical punishment, an eye for an eye, if you will. They should both be subjected to the same treatment they gave this poor creature.

    When I scrolled up, I did not expect to see a picture of this wounded baby. It made me immediately teary and nauseated. Took my breath away. The sentence they recieved is so ridiculous – I’m dumbstruck.

    The community they live in will be haunted by this c rime, and by the subsequent punishment. They will get out of jail, (soon), and if this is their idea of idle amusement, the human citizens of their community should be very afraid. Violent criminals don’t begin with violence this extreme, they work up to it. And they don’t stop with animals. They become serial killers/torturers.

    Life in an asylum for the criminally insane (or death) is the ONLY sanction that can keep society safe from anyone who could conceive of such evil. What will it take for bleeding hearts to “get” that?

  9. pajamadeen on August 27th, 2009 9:10 pm

    “I did not expect to see a picture of this wounded baby. It made me immediately teary and nauseated. Took my breath away.”

    I hope I didn’t upset you too much with the picture.  The picture has had the same effect on me – I just stare at it and am overcome by emotion and don’t know what to say.  What is there to say, really?  This picture should be a classic for the SPCA or SPA-type of poster.  Really, it’s iconographic – Mambo’s eyes are haunting.

    I would still love to have this dog, and would pay his air fare here, etc.  But as the mayor of the town where this happened aptly described Mambo, he’s a “hero dog.”  I suspect he will have his choice of kind and loving homes in France and – while this is all heart wrenching – I think Mambo’s message will outlive him, although I hope he lives a long and _much happier_ life.

    I agree about the peeps who did this – These are individuals who have been disturbed for a looooooong time; this didn’t just happen out of the clear, blue sky.  And yes, you are right – people who torture animals progress to torturing people.