Make Money from Global Warming

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Global Warming and a Melting GlacierYes, you read that right. You can make money off of the misery of others via global warming. Entrepreneur Julien Caquineau is busy bottling melted glacial water in Greenland and selling it at the equivalent of $52 USD per 750 ml bottle (approximately 25 ounces). Iluliaq Original Water comes in a designer glass bottle with a glass stopper, and is said to be absolutely pure. (There are designer water bottles?) A Dubai-based company has agreed to buy 30,000 bottles of the luxury liquid, and there is reportedly interest from the United States, Japan and Singapore.

According to the company, Iluliaq website, the water “last fell as snow 200 thousand years ago,” and no mechanical means are used to collect it. “The concept is quality. Everything is made by hand,” Caquineau told a Danish newspaper>. “The water has no taste. It is so clean that when you drink it fresh, you cannot taste anything.”

Steve Jobs with an iPhone 4We’d show you a picture of the bottled water, but this gets into Iluliaq’s badly flawed marketing plan. Every business hoping to attract new clients needs a website as part of their business plan. (People just don’t search the Yellow Pages® anymore. Seriously, do you know where your copy of the Yellow Pages® is? We don’t.) Iluliaq’s website is done in Flash. Unfortunately for Caquineau, Google and other search engines don’t see. . .Flash. Therefore, the website has a Google page rank of. . .zero. (Read Apple founder Steve Jobs’ interesting article to the effect that Flash is dead.) The Flash error at Iluliaq is compounded by placing all content in frames. Google also doesn’t see material in. . .frames. If you’re going to take a look, have a magnifying glass handy — the text is tiny and the background is black. Black, in the minds of newcomers who want a website, is elegant and trendy. Photographers are especially fond of black. They seem to think it adds “drama” to a website. No, black is dark and depressing and makes the page look boxed in. White opens the page up and makes it look larger and cleaner.

For a real eye opener, visit the inimitable Vince Flanders and his Web Pages That Suck website. For example, see his Ugliest / Worst Business Web Sites of 2009. In other words, as Flanders puts it: “Learn good web design by looking at bad web design.”

Okay, so we are drifting somewhat from the original topic: $52 “luxury” water. The Iluliaq name comes from the Greenlandic kalaalissut language and means “giant’s iceberg.” There, back on topic.

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