Sticking It to the American Public

September 25, 2008 · Print This Article · Email This Post

Support Our TroopsAre you thinking what we’re thinking — that the $556 billion spent on the Iraq War, which is expected to eventually top $1 trillion — would have come in handy right now during the financial crisis? And isn’t the Republican Party the very same group of people who advocate “less government intervention” in business? This feels a lot like President Bush sticking it to the American people one last time before he leaves office.

Here’s a trip down memory lane. George Bush addressed the nation on 19 March 2003, during the early hours of the Iraq invasion. He said: “My fellow citizens, at this hour, American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger. . .the peace of a troubled world and the hopes of an oppressed people now depend on you. That trust is well placed. . .We come to Iraq with respect for its citizens, for their great civilization and for the religious faiths they practice. We have no ambition in Iraq, except to remove a threat and restore control of that country to its own people.”

Do you believe this man? We don’t! He has betrayed our trust at every turn and made a shambles of the American economy. Oppressed people? A lot of Americans are feeling, if not oppressed, at least fleeced.

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