Puppy Throwing Marine in Video Identified

March 4, 2008

Marine Corps Base Hawaii

The soldier Marine shown throwing a puppy to its death has been identified at break.com as Lance Cpl. David Motari of the 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment at Kane’ohe Bay in Hawaii. Earlier today, Major Chris Perrine of the Marine Corps Base Hawaii said it looked like the players are with a unit based on the islands. Perrine said the video was “shocking and deplorable,” and violates “the high standard we expect of every Marine.” One YouTube member commented about an hour ago that the man shown throwing the puppy is being court-martialed. Good!

After the Associated Press and CTV picked up the video today, it came down lickety split at Youtube. Isn’t that convenient for the military? We’ve replaced our original with another copy which was uploaded to YouTube.

If the video is pulled again, we’ll try to find you another copy. You can see it here. For now, at least.

According to MikE323 at break.com, Motari’s home address is Ranaye and Steve Mortari of 24419 Florence Acres Rd. in Monroe, Washington.

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