Kid Rock, Rock On

June 27, 2006

Kid Rock Wears American FlagIt’s official. We don’t need saved from ourselves. At least not yet. We can still burn the flag if we want to. Not that we know anyone who wants to. When was the last time you saw someone burning the flag? Who dreamed up this non-issue, anyway?

Despite the best efforts of golden-throated politicos who came across on C-Span as snake oil salesmen cloaked in the respectability of “patriotism” and jockeying for favorable public opinion in upcoming midterm elections, the Senate admirably failed by one vote this evening (66-34) to pass the proposed Constitutional amendment banning flag desecration. Actually, that part about how it only failed by one vote is the part we find the most troubling. . .not to mention which, this issue was already addressed by the Supreme Court in 1989 and 1990 rulings, when it was ruled that flag burning and flag desecration are protected as forms of free speech under the First Amendment.

So, rock on Kid Rock, your freedom of speech is protected. It’s hard not to recall that he wore the flag at the 2004 Super Bowl and was met with an enthusiastic crowd, much applause and with fireworks exploding in the background, as a symbol of patriotism. Oh that’s right, we forgot! Everyone was too busy worrying about Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction to entertain the idea of flag desecration. While we’re at it, it might help promote patriotism if American flags were manufactured in…America. Maybe made out of flame-retardant childrens’ pajama material?

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