Firefighter Rescued in Tiny Town! Chapter 6

August 15, 2006

Sunflower BlanketWhen last we saw our diminutive hero, Tony the Firefighter, he was just dozing off, but sat bolt upright when he realized his boss was. . .a pinhead. What was he doing here? All these years, working for a. . . pinhead? Tony’s been too embarrassed these past several days to detail his exploits following that revelation.

Tiny Television

He couldn’t sleep. Thinking a little TV might be relaxing, he turned it on. Oh, that’s right. There is no news, other than the Israeli-Lebanon war, now transformed into a fragile Israeli-Lebanon ceasefire. And that near-miss with a terrorist attack. Viewing is especially challenging when the television is actually a c. 1950s salt-and-pepper set. But hey, with budget cuts, this was the TV the citizenry had provided, and the other firefighters seemed not to notice the flip-top containers accessed on top of the TV that said “S” and “P.”

Flowers Everywhere 1Tony suddenly noticed that some of his Flowerland admirers had crept into the building. One of them had even brought him an ice-cold beer! And it was delicious Molson’s Export and not that rot-gut Milwaukee’s Best that his wife had insisted he buy because “we’re not made out of money, you know.” Things were definitely looking up. Tony began to develop a case of amnesia regarding his marital status, a condition, well, not necessarily unknown amongst firefighters.


Watching Faux TV

The colors were intoxicating, and the beer was going to his head, too.

Lovely LadyThe Wild West may have had its painted women, but Tony had painted daisy twins! And they had wantonly plunged themselves stem-first into the beer. He was in lust. What would he do next? Will Tony remain married? Tune in next time to find out!

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