Crazy Clinton Fan Hijacks National News

December 1, 2007

Leeland EisenbergYesterday was a bad day for Leeland Eisenberg, 47, of Rochester, New Hampshire. Apparently as usual in his life, things didn’t go as planned. Facing an appearance in court yesterday on a domestic violence charge, the paranoid schizophrenic, who has a fondness for alcohol, instead bought some road flares and told his son to watch the afternoon news. It was a great day for Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (D-NY). Soon, nationwide media attention would focus almost exclusively on Eisenberg’s antics and Senator Clinton’s Rochester campaign headquarters.

At 1:00 p.m., Eisenberg strapped the road flares to his chest and took four campaign workers hostage at Senator Clinton’s Rochester office on Main St. He told terrified hostages that the road flares were a bomb, demanding to speak to Sen. Clinton and complaining to all who would listen — including CNN, which he called several times while holed up and drinking — that he had a mental illness and wasn’t receiving treatment for it. Five hours later, it was all over. Eisenberg lay face down in the snow, in custody. He hadn’t even managed to get the alcohol, cigarettes and Pepsi that he demanded during hostage negotiations.

Leeland Eisenberg Arrest in Rochester, New HampshireIn addition to his other legal and marital woes, Eisenberg is now also charged with kidnapping and reckless conduct in connection with the hostage-taking incident, which ended five hours after it began with hostages released and unharmed. Federal charges could be pending. Divorce papers filed last Tuesday indicate that Eisenberg was arrested and charged with violating a protective order and criminal mischief. He’s been living in a motel on the edge of town. His wife, Lisa, indicated in her court filing that her husband suffered from “severe alcohol and drug abuse” and that the divorce was a result of irreconcilable differences.


Senator Barack Obama Speaking in Conway, South Carolina in 2007As a result of the hostage-taking, local schools were in lockdown. Senator Barack Obama’s (D-IL) campaign headquarters, two doors down from Clinton’s office, were also evacuated. CNN’s Anderson Cooper raced to the scene, looking uncomfortable in a suit and tie. Geraldo didn’t make it. Every second of the drama played out on the national news. . .for all five hours. Hillary, in Virginia preparing to speak to the Democratic National Committee, was whisked away by the Secret Service to an undisclosed “safe location.” Clinton was quoted in the New York Daily News as saying: “It appears that he is someone who is in need of help and sought attention in absolutely the wrong way.” On Saturday, Clinton closed all of her campaign offices. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Eisenberg, who moved to Rochester from Boston, is no stranger to local police. He also sued Cardinal Bernard Law and the Roman Catholic Archbishop in Boston in 2002, over an alleged 1980s molestation by a priest when Eisenberg was 21 and homeless. More alarmingly, the Boston Herald reported in 1996 that a Leeland Eisenberg was serving a 10 to 20-year sentence in a Concord, Massachusetts prison for aggravated rape. Somehow, the prisoner received a questionnaire about domestic issues from Presidential candidate Robert J. Dole. Proof of his delusional nature came when he returned the survey and, in response to a question regarding “vital campaign issues,” wrote: “Require politicians to be legally responsible for their campaign pledges and prosecute those promises which result in perjury, fraud, deceit and deception to national trust.”

President Nixon Greets Now-Senator John McCain Following His Return from Vietnam, Where He Was a Prisoner of War for Several YearsNow, maybe that’s not a bad idea. Pajamadeen has been wondering how Presidential contender Duncan Hunter plans to keep his pledge to build a Southern border fence within six months of his election. Slave labor? Prisoners? Mexicans? The National Guard can’t do it — They’re in Iraq, helping to shove democracy down the throats of Iraqis whether they want it or not. Senator John McCain (R-Az.), whom we’ve always admired for his grit and courage, has a fatal flaw.

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