Not a Stellar Mother’s Day

May 14, 2007

Upon awakening this morning, Pajamdeen realized that, thoughtless daughter that she is, she’d neglected to call and wish her mother well on Mother’s Day. Now, in her defense, Pajamadeen did purchase rare flower seeds for her mother a couple of weeks ago as an early present. With a sinking heart today, she’ll make the tardy call. She’ll no doubt be told something along the lines of “I’m glad I’m such a memorable person” to you. Shudder.

However, it could have been worse. According to the Daily Times of Pakistan, a complete failure to communicate occurred in Sicily over Mother’s Day weekend, when Marcello Lazzara, 24, of Palermo, who was under house arrest for selling counterfeit CDs, called the police and asked to be taken to jail because he couldn’t handle the bickering between his mother and stepfather anymore. After calling police, Lazzara stepped outside the house to be arrested for escape rather than remain with his p.u.s (parental units). When police arrived, Lazzara told them: “I am lucky to meet you.”

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