Moose Milk: A Canadian Military Tradition

January 8, 2020

MooseIn an effort to become more Canadianized, I felt compelled to join the locals at our local Royal Canadian Legion on New Year’s Day. While there were a variety of yummy finger foods, the piece de resistance was moose milk. Tickets were handed out at the door, three to a person. Ultimately, the moose milk, a secret combination of two hard liquors, ran out, but dancing and partying continued.
Moose MilkThe inventors of Moose Milk claim to be the Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Canadian Air Force, and Canadian Army. At any rate, Moose Milk is a traditional Canadian mixed drink with roots in historic celebratory events of the Canadian Armed Forces. Moose milk is composed of five different classes of ingredients: hard liquor (usually a combination of Canadian whisky, vodka, or dark rum; a coffee beverage such as Kahlua; dairy; maple sugar or sweetener; nutmeg and occasionally cinnamon. Egg yolks are sometimes used through egg nog or ice cream to prevent separation of the drink. It got its name between 1915 and 1920.

There’s also a variation called caribou wine which is red wine, Canadian whisky and maple syrup. I haven’t made it to caribou wine yet. Any invites?

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