Elderly NYC Couple Loses Life Savings

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Flower BouquetLoose lips still sink ships. Just ask Michael Rodriguez, 65, of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. He worked 47 years, is retired and had $60,000 cash. . .at home. Notice that operative word — had.

While Rodriguez said he and his wife were planning to put the money in the bank, he mentioned the stash to someone. (Say whaaaaaaat?!) It wasn’t long before two thieves showed up while Rodriguez’s wife, 80-year-old Carmen Nieves, was home alone in their New York City apartment. Carrying flower bouquets, the robbers persuaded the naive Nieves to let them in. According to CTV, Nieves said: “How can I not open the door? They have flowers, they say [my husband sent] them to me, and, besides, they were young kids.”

Once the flower-powered duo was inside, they bound Nieves’ hands and feet, ransacking the house until they found the funds. Police surveillance video shows two black suspects, estimated to be between the ages of 20 and 30, but there have been no arrests. Expensive lesson!

New Yorkers have big hearts, and we hope someone will take up a collection to help these people out. It wouldn’t take long to replace the money at, say, $1.00 donations, in a city of more than 8 million people. Cap the donations at the 60k lost, stop donations and donate the excess to a charity. Or perhaps Secret Santa’s foundation in Kansas City, Missouri would be willing to help out. It’s the perfect time of year to help this couple.

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