Why Are These Men Smiling?

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Malcolm Watson, Sex Offender
Attorney Steven GreeneWhy are these men smiling? Well, the one in the dreads, convicted sex offender Malcolm Watson, is smiling because on Friday, an immigration judge in Niagara Falls, ON ruled that Watson wasn’t a high risk and could remain in Canada. For now. The other smiling man is Watson’s attorney, Steven Greene.
Judge Thomas KolbertOn Monday, Judge Thomas Kolbert of Cheektowaga, NY approved a plea bargain exiling Watson from the U.S., to serve three years of probation in Canada and Watson is barred from entering the states other than to report to his probation officer. According to news reports, the bizarre sentence was actually dreamed up by Watson, who was tired of the limelight in Buffalo, where he was teaching when caught cozied up with one of his students in a car at a shopping mall; the girl’s parents apparently agreed to the deal because it meant that the married Watson would be away from their daughter and she wouldn’t have to testify in court.

Karla HomolkaWe’re sure that Judge Kolbert would be happy to answer your questions about this decision. The Cheektowaga Court administration phone number is 716-686-3462. Their email address is courtadmin@cheektowagacourt.com. Kolbert’s bench clerk can be reached at 716-686-3919. You know, come to think of it, since Karla Homolka is deemed no longer a threat in Canada and once expressed a desire to be a social worker in the states, specifically working with battered women, perhaps some sort of exchange could be initiated. We’re sure Americans would like to take in Canada’s dregs, just as we have asked them to do in this situation.

The smiles may be short lived, as Canadian government officials want Watson out of Canada and he still faces an Immigration and Refugee Board admissability hearing sometime over the next several weeks. Watson was ordered to remain at his family home, must only cross the Peace Bridge when going to New York, must report to an immigration official at each crossing and a $5,000 performance bond was imposed, payable if any of those conditions are violated.

District Attorney Frank ClarkMeanwhile, back at the ranch, in one of those “What was I thinking?!!!” moments, Erie County District Attorney Frank J. Clark has apparently had second thoughts about international law, sovereign nations and diplomacy. According to The Toronto Star, Clark will tomorrow begin drafting an appeal to the sentencing court and anticipates filing it within the next week to 10 days. He’ll be petitioning the court to require Watson to serve his sentence in western New York. Ironically, Buffalo’s nickname is the “City of Good Neighbors.” Clark has previously said that he had no idea that the decision to send Watson to Canada would upset Canadians and cause “international consternation,” adding that “We don’t need black eyes here. . .We don’t need members of Parliament railing against the U.S.” If you have any questions for the district attorney, you can reach him at 716-858-2424.

So much for wanting to avoid the limelight in Buffalo.

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