Tinky Winky Forgives Jerry Falwell

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Uh-oh. Jerry Falwell made a boo-boo. He fell on the floor and can’t get up. Tinky Winky tried to feed him some tubby custard he had in his red purse, and Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po all did happy dances, to no avail. Bye-bye.

Tinky Winky Models His Red PurseTinky Winky says he forgives Falwell for calling him gay. In the February 1999 edition of Falwell’s National Liberty Journal, Falwell wrote an article called “Parents Alert: Tinky Winky Comes Out of the Closet.” It was observed that Tinky, who has a boy’s voice, carries a purse. “He is purple — the gay-pride color; and his antenna is shaped like a triangle — the gay-pride symbol,” the article said. (Huh?) The Reverend said the “subtle depictions” were intentional and then issued a statement saying: “As a Christian, I feel that role modeling the gay lifestyle is damaging to the moral lives of children.”


Jerry FalwellSeen here last fall, Falwell, a Southern Baptist, created the stultifying “Moral Majority” by galvanizing the “religious right” and co-mingling church and state to further conservative political agendas. To a certain extent, by organizing and legitimizing the Religious Right, it might also be argued that the Falwell mindset brought to fruition the “faux news” trend prevalent today, and influenced our provincial foreign policies as well. Gee, thanks Jerry.

Among Falwell’s other notable pronouncements and accomplishments:

  • In the same February 1999 article, Falwell condemned the TV show South Park as “vile and impudent.”

  • His peculiar pronouncements began early on, including a 1965 sermon he gave at his Thomas Road Baptist Church which criticized Martin Luther King and referred to the Civil Rights Movement as the “Civil Wrongs Movement,” although later he recanted those beliefs. We think.

  • Notably blamed 9/11 on gays, the ACLU, abortionists, feminists and pagans in a 13 September 2001 appearance on the Reverend Pat Robertson’s TV show, “The 700 Club.” He said: “I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, the People For the American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America. I point the finger in their face and say, ‘You helped this happen.’ ” But he later apologized, telling Geraldo Rivera that he was fatigued on 13 September. So that made everything okay again. Uh-huh.

  • Although he railed against activist judges, liberals, the left and Godless politicians, Falwell ironically gave a boost to free speech when he sued Hustler magazine’s publisher, Larry Flynt, for a parody featuring Falwell. Ultimately, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that public figures can’t recover damages for emotional distress caused by parody. Too bad, so sad.

  • Was an outspoken supporter of South African apartheid in the 1980s, visiting South Africa and voicing support for the white minority government and calling Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning activist, a “phony.” But he apologized, so that one doesn’t count either. . .uh. Yeah, right.

  • Stated that the Antichrist, whom he believed to be already alive in 1999 when he made the remarks “must be, of necessity, a Jewish male.”

  • Described Muhammad as a terrorist in a 2002 60 Minutes interview.

  • His position on labor unions was: “Labor unions should study and read the Bible instead of asking for more money. When people get right with God, they are better workers.”

  • Blamed AIDS on gays, of course. (“AIDS is the wrath of a just God against homosexuals.”)

Teletubbies Greet JerryEven the normally hawkish Senator John McCain (R) once called Falwell a political agent of intolerance. So, let’s raise a glass and sing Tinky Winky’s favorite song: “Pinkle winkle, Tinky Winky, pinkle winkle, Tinky Winky.” Tinky loves to give, and receive, big hugs, so maybe he’ll be there to greet Falwell in the afterlife.


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