Britney Spears Train Wreck Derails, Hospitalized

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If you care, Britney Spears was hospitalized late last night after barricading herself in a closet and refusing to turn over custody of her two pawns children to ex-husband Kevin Federline’s body guard, who had come to pick them up at the end of Britney’s visitation with them yesterday.

Ambulance at Britney Spears' Studio City, California Home, Waiting to Transport Her to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

After an approximately three-hour standoff with police at her Studio City, CA home, she was wheeled out on a stretcher by paramedics and taken by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Police said she was “under the influence of an unknown substance.” As she arrived at the hospital, the ill-mannered pop tart flipped off the paparazzi. She remains at Cedars-Sinai on a medical hold (translate: a mental evaluation). The “5150 hold” essentially means that there’s evidence that Britney is a danger to herself or others. Like her kids. She’s undergoing alcohol, drug and psychological tests.

At least two ambulances, a fire trucks, six police cars and a police helicopter were wasting public resources involved in the bizarre incident. For some unknown reason, her youngest son, Jayden James, was also taken to the hospital via a second ambulance.

Dethroned Pop Princess, Britney Spears, Inexplicably Smiling in Ambulance

K-Fed went to court earlier today, to try to get full custody of the couple’s two young children and to have Britney stripped of visitation rights. Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed’s lawyer, and Britney’s current attorney, Tara Scott of the Trope law firm, met in chambers with Los Angeles County Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon about yesterday’s bizarre incident, and will return to court later this afternoon. The Trope firm is the latest in a series of lawyers who have asked to withdraw as Spears’ legal counsel, due to a “breakdown” in communications with their client. On previous occasions, Commissioner Gordon ruled that both Britney and K-Fed had to be free of drugs and alcohol when either of them had physical custody of the two children. Spears lost custody of the children to Federline three months ago.

TMZ reported that “Britney doesn’t have a drug or alcohol problem — her instability is mental, not chemical. Well-placed sources tell us what happened last night is not rooted in drugs and that, of late, her mental state has deteriorated to the point that what happened at her home was not unexpected.”

Britney Spears Struttin' Her Stuff at the VMA Awards in September 2007

Spears also has a pending criminal case regarding driving without a license. In recent months, she’s also run over the feet of a photographer and a police officer, driven through a red light with her children in the back seat, been involved in a hit-and-run fender bender in a parking lot, been photographed numerous times without underwear, shaved her head, beat an automobile with an umbrella, and been to rehab three times (although two of the stays lasted less than 24 hours each). Earlier yesterday, she was nearly two hours late for a deposition in Century City, CA in the ongoing child custody dispute between her and K-Fed. She left after only 13 minutes, as the allotted time for the deposition was up.

MTV has a good chronicle of Britney’s bad behavior and legal problems which have occurred over the past two years. It now looks like Britney will lose her visitation rights. Great news for 16-month-old Jayden and his older brother, Sean Preston, 2. Will somebody put Britney in a loonie bin and throw away the key? Please. Or, go home to Louisiana and stay there. Nobody cares about your singing anymore, Britney; mostly, we just stay tuned to watch your self-implosion.

Update: Not surprisingly, Britney was stripped of her visitation rights later in the day by Commissioner Gordon.

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