Michael Jackson’s Children Unveiled!

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Michael Jackson's Children, Paris and Prince Michael I

Michael Jackson’s children, Paris, 9, and 10-year-old Prince Michael I (no, we’re not kidding, that’s the name the child has been saddled with), have at last been seen in public without the weird veils which they wore when younger. They were in Las Vegas at the Luxor Casino, to see a performance by ventriloquist Ronn Lucas. Only five-year-old Prince Michael II (no, we’re not making that up, either), whom we recall as the baby which Michael Jackson, 49, dangled from a balcony several years ago in Europe, was hidden, with a nanny pulling a hood over his face. (Prince Michael II also sufers from the name “blanket.”) Jackson, who suffers from vitiligo and God knows what else, was disguised in large sunglasses, a scarf and a hood.


Michael Jackson's Children as They Usually Appear

It was either bring you the fascinating Michael Jackson news or bring you the depressing news that Labor Department figures released today show that 17,000 additional American jobs have been lost in January, adding to evidence that we’re in a recession. This is the first monthly decline since August 2003; it surprised economic pundits, who had predicted an uptick. (What planet are they on?) Hillary Clinton pounced on the Labor Department’s announcement to say that the economy is “sliding into a second Bush recession.” While the job loss is tiny in the overall context of the American labor market of about 130 million jobs, new hires have slowed, businesses have been reducing their employees’ work hours, and — by not keeping up with inflation — salaries have effectively fallen in the last year. We thought you’d prefer the Michael Jackson news.

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