Climactic Hardship, Not Global Warming

August 19, 2007 · Print This Article · Email This Post

Hurricane DeanIf this makes you feel any better about the blistering 100+ degree heat this summer, water-logged Texas and Oklahoma, huge chunks of icebergs crashing loose into the ocean and Hurricane Dean now at a Cat 4 in the Gulf of Mexico, Accu-Weather’s Joe Bastardi, appearing on Faux News on Sunday evening with Geraldo Rivera (a bastion of journalistic probity if ever there was one), apparently couldn’t quite wrap himself around the idea that any of the weather changes we’re experiencing could be due to global warming. Instead, he said: “We’re in a period of climactic hardship.” Climactic hardship. . .hmmm…that sounds awfully politically correct to Pajamadeen. “Climactic hardship,” my ass. And the beat spin goes on.

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