Firefighter Rescued in Tiny Town! Chapter 4

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Cosmos Ladder

It was Friday, payday! Since Tony hadn’t been paid in over 10 years, he was understandably eager to rake in some coin. His mind envisioned a hefty take from hardship pay and all the overtime he’d put in during the week. As he paused on a sunflower leaf for a moment, our Lilliputian hero yearned for a few days off to catch up on sleep, maybe watch a little TV, have an ice-cold beer or two. (By the way, there have been a few complaints from the peanut gallery that the “words are too big” in the blog. We recommend purchase of a dictionary — at your own expense, of course — as an antidote.) Oh! No. 3 had almost forgotten…he had a family, too! No doubt the wife was a little tired of holding down the fort on her own by now, a predicament which any spouse of a public servant is familiar with. Some major sucking up would be required. Maybe he could take her out to dinner, as soon as he was paid.

An awards ceremony was announced by Darryl the bluejay. Tony was to proceed at once to the end of the shovel located in Rubbleland. An admiring audience of worker bee ants gathered in the auditorium , formerly the scoop of the shovel, to watch the wondrous event. There was no problem getting good seats, as the human worker bees, having folded and fled during the heat wave, had not returned to Rubbleland, thus upholding the peculiarly Southern work ethos of “no job done before its time.” In fact, searching the horizon, nary a soul could be seen in Tiny Town.

Gardening Shovel

Lilliputian Awards Ceremony

Tony was so proud. He smiled as he was presented with a bouquet of fairy lily petals donated by Flowerland. Many speeches were made, commending his valor and his cheerful willingness to return immediately to work despite the distressing personal experience of having been missing for over 10 years. And, at last, the diminutive firefighter was paid! He was given one large penny, which somewhat made up in size what it lacked in monetary value. There had been cuts to the firefighting budget and, in between budget cuts and inflation, this was the best that Tiny Town could offer. Hmmm…it looked like a hot date with his wife was out of the question. Perhaps he could charm her with his gift of gab (or perhaps not). Perhaps Tony could get a part-time job at the local convenience store, where several police officers worked to augment the minimum wage they were being paid by Tiny Town.

Stay tuned tomorrow, to see if Tony makes it out of the fire station without being asked to pull another shift. Will he have a real life?

Meanwhile, back in TV Land, Faux News assaulted viewer sensibility with more Natalee Holloway coverage, the Senate voted down a bill which would have increased the minimum wage (stuck at $5.15 an hour since 1997) to the dizzying heights of $7.25/hour, and Phoenix, Arizona police mercifully nabbed two suspects in one of the serial murder cases unfolding in that city. And there you have it, the week’s “news in a nutshell.”

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