Firefighter Rescued in Tiny Town! Chapter 2

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Life-Saving Fire AxeWhen last we saw our resilient hero, Tony the Firefighter, he was trapped in rubble but rising phoenix-like from the ashes, so to speak. Refreshed and rejuvenated by a warm bath, he was ready to roll!


Flowerland SubdivisionAlarms were rapidly coming in from an array of hummingbirds, regarding cries for help from the heavily populated Flowerland subdivision, southwest of Rubbleland. Rubbleland was considered hazardous duty, due to the presence of female citizens disenchanted with the fact that male worker bees had fled in 105-degree temperatures and no patio was being constructed. Females were also complaining that removal of back-door steps during patio construction made it difficult to carry in groceries, despite thoughtful placement of a rickety wooden step stool for ascension. With a glad heart, Tony departed for Flowerland.
Japanese Beetle Rescue 1The buzz was that Japanese Beetles needed rescued. Japanese Beetles? Tony thought the lads from Liverpool were from England, but he could be mistaken. After all, he’d been out of the loop for awhile. Hacking his way through blades of grass with his handy fire axe, he began climbing Sunflower Southwest. Finally, he reached the Japanese Beetle.


Japanese Beetle Rescue 2Well, okay, so it wasn’t a real Beatle. English can be a confusing language. Nevertheless, firefighters don’t discriminate; they rescue everyone regardless of race, creed, nationality or species. The beetle, suffering from heat exhaustion, was gently brushed to earth.

Five Alarms! Madame Butterfly in Distress!

Zinnia CentralMan, this was turning into a busy shift! The alarm went out. It was the big one! Madame Butterfly, queen of Flowerland, was in trouble! Tony began carefully picking his way horizontally across the leaves in Zinnia Central. What would he find when he got to Madame Butterfly? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exciting installment!

Israel and Hezbollah are still fighting, Mel Gibson says he’s really sorry about that stuff he said when he was drunk, and Fidel Castro is still alive, despite wishful thinking on the part of Americans who, with visions of offshore gambling casino sugarplums dancing through their heads, don’t seem to realize that the more savvy Canadian and Swedish real estate developers have already been there and done that. Rats. We’ll have to find someplace else to plunder. See how much time you can save by reading this blog instead of watching the news on TV?

Read about the daring rescue of Tony the firefighter.

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