Lindsay Lohan’s Third Trip to Rehab This Year

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Lindsay Lohan, Lounging Around in Malibu Three Days AgoIf there was a daily Darwin award, Lindsay Lohan would be a prime contender. Here’s Lindsay “roughing it” in Malibu three days ago, wearing her SCRAM “alcohol monitoring” bracelet after finishing rehab about two weeks ago at “Promises” in Malibu. (Wasn’t that the same treatment center that Britney Spears went to?) It must be terribly distressing to refrain from alcohol while lounging about in a hot pink bikini, with matching hot pink toenails and gold lamé sandals, at a multi-million dollar oceanside estate. And it would appear that the Coke bottle in Lindsay’s hand wasn’t “the real thing” for her.

Ain’t she purty? Here’s Lindsay this morning, in a portrait taken by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department following Lohan’s drunk driving and cocaine possession arrest near Pico Blvd. and Main St. in Santa Monica about 2:30 a.m. It’s been a whole five days since Lindsay, who turned 21 earlier this month, was booked on her last DUI charge. Lindsay made bail and is now in her third treatment program this year.

Lindsay Lohan's Mugshot This MorningTonight on Larry King Live, father Michael Lohan, from whom Ms. Lohan is estranged, capitalizes speaks out about his daughter’s arrest. Mr. Lohan, recently released from a New York prison after a two-year DUI stretch, is anticipated to lament his daughter’s plight. It’s been reported that he partially blames himself for Lindsay’s constant problems. Well, granted, he apparently didn’t set a sterling example but yo! Dad! it’s your daughter’s own choice and own fault. Nobody held a gun to her head and forced her to make a fool of herself. It would have been a lot less work to just stay in the palatial Malibu digs and get drunk in private.

Lindsay, this behavior is well, tiresome. Maybe it would be helpful to listen to Bad Company’s “Shooting Star” lyrics.

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