Back to School with Bullet-Proof Backpacks

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Looking for just the right accoutrement for your child’s back-to-school fall wardrobe? Consider the bullet-proof backpack.

Bulletproof Backpack, Model 5108 with MP3 Player Pocket and Earphone Outlets, So Your Child Can't Hear the Danger Coming

Retailing at a hefty $175.00, “My Child’s Backpack” looks like a regular backpack but has a bulletproof lining. Bonus! It protects against stabbings, too! It was invented by two Boston, Massachusetts area fathers, Joe Curran and Mike Pelonzi, who were motivated by the Columbine High School shooting rampage in 1999 in Colorado. The backpack can withstand many types of bullets, including 9 mm hollow-point bullets, and has been certified as Level II body armor. It’s lighter than a police vest and, once on, the straps act as handles to allow use of the pack as a shield.

Now, what enterprising young thug wouldn’t turn the tables and flip the backpack to his chest and then proceed to stab victims, if so inclined? And any intelligent shooter would simply shoot at another part of the body, perhaps the head, with almost-certain lethal results. Then, of course, there’s the matter of the MP3 player pocket and earphone outlets which comes with model 5108, seen above. Your kid will be listening to his MP3 player and won’t know what hit until it’s too late. Some school districts have already dismissed the backpack, with a Boston Public Schools spokesperson saying: “It seems to me that it would not serve our district-wide dress code which says that students cannot wear anything which is threatening or offensive.”

Starting tomorrow, the backpack will also be available as a clear backpack, to meet security concerns at many schools. Great. . .now shooters and cutters will know which students to avoid and which ones make better targets.

According to the company’s website: “School systems across the nation are staging drills for ‘lock downs’ and ‘shelter in place.’ Act now to give your children a personal, defensive safety tool that will help them feel more confident and able to focus on learning. Isn’t that what school should really be about?” Homeschooling is starting to look better and better, thought Pajamadeen.

Kent State Ohio Massacre, Courtesy of the National GuardThe company had a distasteful and fear mongering video, complete with Columbine footage, pumpkins being shot up and, of course, commercialization of the Virginia Tech massacre, oddly combined with Neil Young’s Four Dead in Ohio song, which was a protest against the shooting of students by Ohio National Guard members in May 1970. The video is unavailable in peace-loving Canada. Looks like someone at BulletBlocker needs to go back to school and brush up on history. We can’t imagine that Mr. Young would be too happy about this grimly laughable inappropriate use of his lyrics.

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Photo credits: MJ Safety Solutions and John Paul Filo of the Valley Daily News and Daily Dispatch of Tarentum and New Kensington, Pennsylvania

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