Canada Bans bisphenol A in Baby Bottles

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Plastic Baby BottleCanada has banned the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in products like baby bottles and water bottles, becoming the first country to do so amidst continuing concerns about the health risks posed by the plastic product. The Canadian government also formally announced that BPA is a hazardous substance.


Canada’s Minister of Health, Tony ClementThe decision was published in the Canada Gazette — the official publication of the Government of Canada — in Ottawa on Saturday. Environment Minister John Baird commented: “Today’s confirmation of our ban on BPA in baby bottles proves that our government did the right thing in taking action to protect the health and environment for all Canadians.” The decision paves the way for Health Minister Tony Clement to ban the advertising, importation and sale of baby bottles containing BPA.


A study by CTV News and the Globe and Mail newspaper, released in May, demonstrated that BPA leached out of cans heated to temperatures akin to those used when sterilizing baby bottles. In the United Kingdom, a study of nearly 1,500 people found that people with diabetes or heart disease had higher urine concentrations of BPA than did people without those diseases. According to CTV news, research has also shown that BPA may reduce the effectiveness of chemotherapy; causes both infertility and obesity in mice; and interferes with cognitive brain functions involving understanding and learning.

Baked BeansBPA is primarily used to create a clear plastic polycarbonate which can withstand high temperatures, and is present in goods also including beverage containers, car interiors and dental sealants used to prevent cavities. BPA is also used in epoxy resins which line aluminum and tin cans to prevent corrosion. Additional products found to contain BPA include cans of baked beans, soup and vegetables; food storage containers; hard plastic baby toys; plastic bowls and dinnerware; and spray-on flame retardants.

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