Tammy Faye Messner Near Death

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Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker During Their PTL Club DaysFamed televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker Messner made what’s no doubt her final public appearance last night, on Larry King Live. The change in appearance from her PTL Club days is shocking, but her upbeat, optimistic nature and her faith remain unchanged. Inside, she’s still the same Tammy Faye.

To paraphrase King, “If she’s 65 pounds, it’s all heart.” Now Mrs. Roe Messner and a frequent Larry King guest over the years, Tammy Faye sought out King for this final interview because she wanted to let us all know that she loves us and that all things work together for God’s purposes. “I’m very grateful to the Lord for taking a little girl who had nothing to give but was willing to try,” she said.

Gay Costume Ball in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilAnd try she did. While she was the object of ridicule for her role in the PTL Club and her heavy eye makeup, Tammy Faye angered straight fundamentalist worshippers, her original constituency, by being the first televangelist to openly welcome AIDS patients and the gay community into the church, bridging a gap between Christianity and homosexuality and raising AIDS awareness. That unconditional love has been returned ever since, and this tiny straight woman from Minnesota is a beloved icon in the gay community for her messages of acceptance and tolerance.

In a recent post to her website, she wrote about the importance of not living in the past. “Today I want you to remember: You can’t go forward, looking in the rear view mirror” she said. “Yesterday is gone, you cannot put a broken egg back together again, so don’t spend your energy trying.”

She continued: “Today is all we have, so live it fully. Tomorrow may not come, we are not promised tomorrow. PRINCESS DI thought she had many tomorrows, JOHN KENNEDY JR. thought he had many tomorrows, MARILYN MONROE thought she had many tomorrows, SONNY BONO thought he had many tomorrows, SELENA thought she had many tomorrows. So we must make today count, make today the best day of your life.” This positive attitude is no doubt what has carried her so far, as she has defied medical expectations several times.

A Younger Tammy Faye BakkerShe’s done us all a graphic favor as well in showing what the devastating results of terminal colon cancer which speads to the lungs can do to the body. Looking like a skeletal concentration camp survivor, Tammy Faye said she’s asked doctors not to tell her how much time she has left because she doesn’t want it to affect her faith level. Get a screening colonoscopy. Learn more about colon cancer at the American Cancer Society.

You can keep up with Tammy Faye’s condition at TammyFaye.com. In a 16 July letter to her readers, she says that she’s been bedridden for almost a year and is in great pain. We wish you the best, Tammy Faye.

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