Nick at Nite Helps with New Year Resolutions

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New Year's Eve Celebrations at Times Square in New York City

The annual Bataan death march of New Year’s resolutions, thoughtfully made and then discarded within weeks, if not days, is upon us. We all know why we make New Year’s resolutions. Psychologically, it’s a time of fresh beginnings: a clean slate or tabula rasa, as it were. Out with the old and in with the new. We take a personal inventory, focusing mostly on what we perceive as weaknesses and areas of our lives in which we think need improvement. We want to reinvent ourselves, and it’s no accident that commercials for fitness centers and weight loss products fill the air waves now.

And then comes the big let-down. We’ve expected unrealistic overnight changes, when research shows that it takes at least three weeks for a new habit to become ingrained. We feel discouraged, disappointed, guilty and weak. The resolutions are forgotten. We’ve derailed.

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Turn it around, and make your resolutions a building block to a healthier future by making small incremental changes that will ultimately yield big results. Your confidence will rise as you achieve goals, and that hopeless mid-January realization that you blew it will be gone. Need help with this? Starting on January 1, the Nick at Nite shows on the Nickelodeon TV channel will launch a pro-social “Kick One, Pick One” (KOPO), family-oriented initiative to promote healthy eating and exercise. The online campaign will include PSAs with nutritional and exercise tips and a KOPO website, where families can find healthy recipes and nutritional tips, and sign contracts to monitor their commitment to the goals of exercise, healthy eating and family time. A program to monitor family progress will be available for download at a later date.


Marva A. Smalls of Nickelodeon

Marva A. Smalls of Nickelodeon said: “We are in a truly unique position to create positive social change through our connection with our audiences…We have empowered kids to become leaders on the childhood obesity issue through Nick’s ‘Let’s Just Play’ campaign, and encouraged families to spend more time with each other at mealtime with Nick at Nite’s ‘Family Table.’ Now, ‘Kick One, Pick One’ will inform families on the importance of coming together to kick some bad habits and adopt better ones.”


The campaign will culminate in Fall 2008 at Nickelodeon’s annual Worldwide Day of Play celebration, honoring KOPO participants and their progress. Plan now, for the Happy New Year to come!

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