Conyers, Georgia Cops Help Robbers

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Conyers, Georgia Christmas Ticket Alerting Thieves to Merchandise in CarAs the old saying goes, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” As a theft deterrent, the Conyers, Georgia Police Department has sent foot patrols to shopping mall parking lots. But. . .they’re placing yellow tickets on cars which have packages and other merchandise visible in them, to remind shoppers that they’re easy targets for thieves. Duh.


According to Conyers Police Chief David Cathcart, the crime prevention program is intended to remind people to be careful with Christmas packages. He told the Rockdale (GA) Citizen: “If you leave packages in clear view in your car, then you might be providing an opportunity to a thief that can be avoided if you are just a little more careful. . .Even if you put your packages in the car and think you’re only going to be in another store for a few minutes, you’re still at risk because it only takes a moment for someone to take advantage of a situation.”

“Certainly our goal is to catch the thief, but if we can help create an environment which makes it more difficult for the thief to thrive, then that’s a positive for our entire community. . .We want the citizens to know that we are out in the community and this program not only lets people know officers are patrolling an area, but reminds people to secure their packages,” Cathcart added.

Thanks for the extra help, Chief. Thieves will appreciate your legwork in spotting the goodies.

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One Response to “Conyers, Georgia Cops Help Robbers”

  1. dockjones on December 10th, 2007 6:24 am

    Does it occur to anyone that police on foot patrol inside the city’s shopping districts to deter crime is a good thing?

    I don’t claim to understand the criminal mind, but if I was made aware of cops walking around in the area, say by marking cars with yellow placecards, I would consider going elsewhere.

    I say there’s two sides to this story. I would rather have a police presence known to all in areas where I shop than none at all.