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WordPress Blog InstallDo you need a website designed, a WordPress website or blog installed or custom graphics? Do you need a WordPress tutor? Do you need WordPress backups, WordPress upgrades or website maintenance? Relax. You’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a crackerjack team of web developers, graphic artists and php coders. Our prices aren’t outrageous and our service is fast and friendly. We also do search engine optimization (SEO), whether you have an existing website you want optimized or you’re just starting out. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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Here are some excellent reasons to install a WordPress website or blog, for business or personal reasons:

  • Did you know that SEO (search engine optimization) experts recommend installing a blog at your website? It’s true. You’ll get Google brownie points for having a blog at your website. Not a blog at Blogspot, but your very own blog.

  • Blogspot blogs have an inherent security hole, in that your customers can click on the “next” button to see the next blog. But the next blog, which you have no control over, can install viruses, trojans, malware and other hacks associated with identity theft and phishing. Is that really where you want to send your customers? No. . .send them back to your own website!

    A study by Sophos, a well-respected security vendor, found that, in June 2008, the Google blogging platform hosted two percent of the world’s malware — a very high concentration and percentage for any one web platform. Google’s Blogger may be free, but you get what you pay for. According to the article, “Sophos said the most common form of malware was SQL injection attacks, with one new infected web page discovered every five seconds.” And, for the first time, the United States tops the list of malware hosting countries — beating out China, which had the most malware hosting websites in 2007.)

  • If your customers don’t reach a malware blog by clicking “next” at Blogspot, they’ll often arrive at a splog, or a spam blog. Why not link your blog posts to merchandise on your own website?

Our prices are reasonable, and our service is fast. You’ll be up and blogging at your own website in no time. We never leave our clients in the lurch, and provide aftercare and WordPress updates as needed at an hourly rate. We also perform regularly scheduled blog backups. Leave the worrying to us. We want you to enjoy your WordPress blogging experience.

Read our article about gaining blog traffic and search engine optimization. We can tutor you. You might also be interested in our list of eight great WordPress SEO plugins, or another author’s take on the pros and cons of installing a WordPress blog.

Genesis Framework for WordPress


Like the way our WordPress website and blog looks? Try StudioPress professional WordPress themes. We’re well-versed in installing and developing cutting-edge Genesis themes from StudioPress. Very versatile, they adapt well to either professional business purposes or personal use. Super-customizable, well coded and easily monetized, these themes are hard to beat, whether you want a WordPress website, a WordPress blog, or both! We can do it all, from blogrolls to blog feeds, from Facebook to Twitter. Give us a try; we like satisfied customers.


WooThemes offers cutting edge, feature-rich WordPress templates built with clean layouts, slick color palettes and visually engaging typography.


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HostGator, Great for Your WordPress BlogWe recommend HostGator as a reliable, inexpensive host with great customer service. Why pay to call GoDaddy long distance for technical support? You can call the friendly folks at HostGator’s 800 number 24/7/365. Why put up with service that won’t even ping, when HostGator’s does? Why put up with a host which isn’t innately WordPress friendly? With HostGator, you won’t have to! We never recommend any service that we’re not personally willing to use, and we happily use HostGator’s hosting services. Questions? Just ask us.

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