Terms of Service

Here’s some basic information for our new clients. It will enable us to work more efficiently towards completion of your blog or website installation. We find that these basic “house rules” ensure an orderly work flow and happy camper clients. Many of our clients return year after year for website maintenance and upgrades, and it’s because of our excellent service and the fact that they know what to expect at Pajamadeen. You acknowledge that you’ve read the following before work commences. Questions? Contact us.

Learn more about our WordPress services here and view our WordPress portfolio.


  • All work must be paid for in advance, unless other individual arrangements have been worked out at webmaster’s discretion. PayPal is accepted. So are personal and business checks. Since web development provides intangible products/services such as SEO data runs and coding, with no tangible product that can be returned, there are no refunds for web development services.

Building a Website

  • You acknowledge that you have read this. If you disappear for more than two (2) weeks during your website build, we will consider the project both abandoned and completed. A new fee equal to the original cost of the website will be required to resume website construction. Sorry, but we have had three clients do this now — sometimes for months — and they return months later (like at Thanksgiving and Christmas, in particular), expecting to pick up where we left off, although they are no longer included in our schedule. All of this can be avoided by simply sticking around and being available during your website build.


  • All meetings are by appointment only, and are typically scheduled between 2 p.m. EST and 7 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. At our discretion, appointments can occasionally be made at other times. Please be punctual because if other client appointments are booked after yours, your appointment will have to be shortened so that the time commitment to the next client can be kept.

    We understand that life throws curve balls once in awhile and emergencies do arise but if you miss three appointments, we most likely will terminate our relationship with you and you’ll forfeit any monies paid. Making appointments requires a time commitment on our part as well, and we have arranged our schedule around these appointments. (And no, calling five minutes before an appointment to cancel it won’t really fly because, by then, we’ve already planned out our day to accommodate you.) Sticking to schedules leads to greater productivity, not only on our part but on yours as well.

    We take weekends off to keep our creative juices flowing for you!

  • To keep costs down for all clients, clients incur the cost of phone calls to Pajamadeen.

  • Out-of-hours charges of $75.00/hour will apply to unscheduled telephone conferences conducted during non-business hours. These spontaneous, unexpected calls are discouraged because they interfere with work flow and sometimes even…sleep. (Translate: Please don’t call me at midnight.)


  • We enjoy tutoring clients in the care and feeding of their new WordPress blog or website. Basic tutoring — purchased as part of our SEO package — usually runs about two hours, and must be completed within a two-week time frame. We find that clients don’t retain needed information as well if the tutoring sessions are spread out much farther apart than that. It’s for your own good. We promise. Additional tutoring is $50.00/hour, and you are welcome to purchase additional tutoring at any time.

Email Support

  • We can best serve your needs, once projects get going, with checklists, or punch lists of questions. Please feel free to submit multiple questions and/or concerns in one email, rather than a series of what’s known as “email bombs.” (Email bombs consist of sending an email once a minute as you have a new thought.) Organizing your questions saves time and money, because we don’t have to wade through multiple emails to address the particular question. Or, feel free to organize your questions for a telephone appointment. We reserve the right to charge $35.00/hr. for email support if we are required to answer numerous emails (email bombs) from the same person.


  • While we can and do supply excellent graphics (see our portfolio), we understand that, occasionally, a client may have other graphics they wish to use, such as in the header of their theme. If the graphics don’t need to be tweaked (re-sized, for example) and only need to be uploaded to your host, there’s no charge for this. If graphics need to be re-sized to work with your theme, there is a $100.00 charge. Frequently, clients want other thematic changes to complement new graphics such as changes to background colors, font colors, etc. Such additional graphics work is $100.00/hr. (Graphics can’t be simply popped into place. They are coded into place.)

Fantastico Installs and Other Miscellaneous Issues

  • If you have multiple domain names/subdomains hosted at your server, especially if they were installed with any “one-step” install program such as Fantastico for WordPress, please advise us. We’ll be more than happy to do future WordPress upgrades for you. The problem with using Fantastico is that it frequently is not available in the current version of WordPress and will actually downgrade the new install we’ve done for you. In addition, it can make future installs problematic. Please do not use Fantastico.

  • As the old saying goes, too many cooks spoil the broth. If we are working on your blog or website, especially if you’re a long-term client, we prefer that others not work on the same blog or website. Why? Because, the left hand simply doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, and we’ve experienced some instances in which work we did was accidentally undone by a developer with lesser skill levels. If our work needs repaired because of issues created by another developer, the charge is $75.00/hour.

If we’re working together, you acknowledge that you’ve read this TOS (terms of service). If you later leave and unless your website is fully redesigned, you agree to leave our Pajamadeen footer credit in place and fully functional on all pages of your website. A footer credit is the only way that a webmaster can prove they did the work on a website. Besides, you get a bennie, as you are featured in our portfolio, which has a page rank of 5 and gives you a direct link from a highly ranking web page, which benefits your own page rank and visibility with search engines. Removal of the footer credit without our permission requires a payment of $1,000.00 to Pajamadeen.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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