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Blogging TipsWhen working on your blog’s SEO (search engine optimization), don’t forget to submit your blog to blog directories and search engines. We’re not going to lie to you: This can be tedious work and it must be done by hand. Do not use automated link submission programs. One such automated link submission program, which is on Google’s blackhat hit list, actually causes your links to be rejected, at least by Google. Obviously, this isn’t what you have in mind!

Helpful Hint: Before submitting your blog for blog directory inclusion, create a small Notepad file with a brief description of your blog and blog keywords. Most blog directories will want this information; it’s better to be prepared than to be sitting there trying to dream up keywords and perhaps missing some you’d otherwise have used had you prepared for the submission.

The Big Three Directories

Submit Your Blog to the Google, Yahoo, Ask and MSN Search Engine Directories at no charge. Considering their populations, it’s also worthwhile to submit to Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia.

The Big Three search engines are Google, MSN and Yahoo. Read Google’s webmaster guidelines before you submit your blog for inclusion. For maximum effectiveness, create a Google-friendly sitemap before submitting your blog for Google inclusion. If you’re using WordPress as your blogging platform (We hope you are; we’ll write more about that in another post.), Arne Brachhold’s Google (XML) Sitemap Generator is worth its weight in gold. The plugin generates an XML sitemap which is supported by not only Google but also by MSN Search and Yahoo. You can submit your blog for free to MSN and Yahoo as well.

DMOZ, the Open Directory ProjectWait awhile, until you have substantial unique content, before submitting your blog to the Holy Grail of directories, DMOZ, also known as the Open Directory Project. DMOZ is highly selective and doesn’t accept everyone. But getting listed at DMOZ will do wonders for page rank (PR). Be very clear and precise in your blog description and, again, don’t use auto-submission programs, which will cause DMOZ to delete your request for inclusion without further ado and with no notice to you. Patience is a virtue with DMOZ. It may take weeks, months or a year or more for blog inclusion at DMOZ. Submitting a URL more than once can result in exclusion and/or deletion of your submission. In other words, submit to DMOZ and then forget about it. You gave it your best shot.

There are lots of blog directories you can submit to at no charge. While there’s no need to submit to directories which charge a fee, there are a few which charge that are worth your consideration, especially Best of the Web (BOTW) and the EatonWeb Blog Directory. Blog Search Engine, owned by Performancing’s parent company, is free and also highly selective. It’s powered by IceRocket. A convenient list of important blog directories can be found at the Search Engine Journal. Googling terms like “blog directory” and “blog submission” will unearth many leads. Beware of link farms though, where your blog listing will appear on page oh, let’s say 5,000 — which has no PR. Ideally, you want your blog on a page with PR, especially if you’re required to provide a reciprocal link. Be selective about your blog directory listings, as you’ll be judged by the company you keep.

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