Eight Great WordPress Blog SEO Plugins

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WordPress Blog for Bloggers

If WordPress is your blogging platform, there are some great SEO (search engine optimization) plugins specifically designed to tweak and improve your blog’s SEO and, ultimately, your page rank (PR) and potential revenue. Simple to install, these SEO plugins reap benefits almost instantly.


WordPress blog SEO plugins include:

  • 404 Notifier: The 404 (page not found) notifier will log 404 error hits on your blog, as readers (and search engines) search for posts and encounter broken links. Broken links aren’t good for optimal SEO and, in fact, contribute to “link rot,” for which you’ll be penalized. The 404 Notifier is a fast way to cover your bases when it comes to finding and fixing broken links. In the settings, you can choose to be notified of broken links via either e’mail or an RSS feed. Personally, we prefer the RSS feed; we already get enough e’mail.

  • Add This, a Popular Social Bookmarking Widget to Promote Your Blog

    AddThis: This very popular social bookmarking widget includes many of the most popular sites where you might want to promote your blog and your blog posts. Social bookmarking can be a little tedious, and you’ll have to register at almost all of the sites where you regularly want to promote your articles, but it pays off in the long run in traffic and readership increases. Some of our favorite social bookmarking websites include Digg, Mixx, Stumbleupon, MySpace and del.icio.us. Many other are offered in this social bookmarking widget. The ShareThis WordPress plugin is another popular social bookmarking widget. Since ShareThis offers a few features which are slightly different from the AddThis features, some people use both social bookmarking tools.

  • All in One SEO Pack. Worth its weight in gold — but it’s free! This plugin automatically optimizes blog post titles for search engines and automatically generates meta tags. Starting with WordPress 2.3, it works out of the box and nothing needs tweaked. However, if you want to, you can override title choices, the meta description and meta keywords. We highly recommend this plugin.

  • Dagon Design Sitemap Generator plugin. Known for its ease of use, this plugin creates a fully customizable sitemap. According to the author, features include: “support for multi-level categories and pages, category/page exclusion, multiple-page generation with navigation, permalink support, choose what to display, what order to list items in, show comment counts and/or post dates, and much more.” See this SEO plugin in action with our sitemap. The plugin created the entire sitemap on the fly; our sitemap page quickly achieved a page rank of 3. Note: This is NOT the same thing as the Google Sitemap plugin. See below for that one. You should use both plugins for maximum search engine optimization.

  • Let Google, Yahoo and MSN Search Engine Spiders Crawl Your Blog

    Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress is a must-have by well-known coding whiz Arne Bracchold. His plugin easily generates a sitemap of your WordPress blog; the sitemap is used by Ask.com, Google, MSN Search and Yahoo. If you only pick one plugin to use from this list, pick this one. It’s that important. It will enable search engine spiders to easily crawl your blog, and it updates on the fly as you add blog posts.

  • SRG Clean Archives displays your archived blog pots listings in a search-engine friendly fashion in your sidebar or on its own dedicated page.

  • Twitter, Social Bookmarking and Then Some

    Twitter Tools. If you like to tweet for additional blog prominence, this plugin completely integrates your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. It’s simple to import tweets into your blog, or create tweets directly on blog posts.

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