Bicycles for Hillary

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Dalton Hatfield Gives It Up for Hillary ClintonThe lady who’s bad at math continued plodding towards Denver ? tonight, making it clear in her West Virginia Democratic primary victory speech that she’ll remain in the Democratic race for the presidency until the bitter end all of the primaries are over. Or, until the money runs out. The Clinton campaign is reportedly $20 million in debt. She urged her supporters in Charleston, WV tonight to visit her website and keep her campaign afloat.

Apparently, there are no depths to which the Clintons won’t sink to keep the campaign funded. Hillary, perhaps intending to inspire the audience, regaled them with the story of how 11-year-old Dalton Hatfield of McAndrews, Kentucky sold his video games and bicycle for Hillary, presenting a check for $440 to Bill Clinton after a campaign stop at the Williamson (WV) fire station last Friday. Collecting money from children?

Dalton’s parents, Vickie and Bruce Hatfield, thought their son was raising money for a vacation. Things turned out well though, for Dalton, who aspires to be President some day. West Virginia State Senate Majority Leader H. Truman Chafin and other Mingo County officials gave Dalton a new bicycle on Sunday, after they learned of Dalton’s campaign contribution. In contrast, Senator Barack Obama won’t accept contributions from political action committees, lobbyists. . .or children under age 16.

Interestingly, when Hillary Clinton spoke during her victory party at the Charleston Civic Center, only about 300 supporters gathered; rarely did the cameras pan out to give a glimpse of the lack of celebrants. According to The Washington Post, the audience “only cheered when cameramen announced upcoming live shots.” Campaign aides also had to distribute “faux hand-made signs,” because so few people brought them. When Senator Clinton arrived shortly after 9 pm, the room was only three-quarters full.

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Photo credit: Tony Christian / Williamson Daily News

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