Bill Clinton Guilts Texas Voters

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President Bill Clinton Campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Victoria, TexasSpeaking from the back of a pickup truck in Victoria, TX while campaigning for his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, former President Bill Clinton guilted a crowd of about 6,000 people this evening, saying: “Texas and Ohio will determine what happens in the Democratic presidential contest. . .f you vote for Hillary, she will win here, she will win in Ohio, she will win in Pennsylvania and she will be the nominee for the Democratic Party. It all depends on what you do.”

He said much the same earlier in the day in Beaumont, TX, injecting a strange note of desperation into Billary’s campaign. Indeed, her campaign sent out fundraising emails saying that “Everything is on the line” with the Texas primary on 4 March. Hillary Clinton has lost 10 primaries in a row and Texas is now a make-or-break situation. Nothing seems to be working for her: Despite her pro-labor rhetoric in the Rust Belt of Ohio, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters yesterday endorsed Barack Obama.

While Obama is attracting capacity crowds in Texas, the 6,800-seat Dodge Arena in Hidalgo, TX was only a little more than half full when Mrs. Clinton spoke there this morning. The Clintons drew less-than-capacity crowds all day, in comparison to Obama’s gatherings, such as the one in Reunion Arena in Dallas today which drew a crowd of 17,000.

The two candidates are debating at the University of Texas in Austin tonight, in one of only two more debates which Obama has agreed to; the other debate will be in Ohio. The truth is, Obama simply doesn’t need to debate Clinton. He has momentum and the luxury of playing it safe and not debating her. Clinton, meanwhile, should be going for the throat tonight in Austin and slinging whatever she can at her opponent to see if it will stick, but that simply isn’t happening in the thus-far well-mannered — and boring — debate. It lacks fire and passion. There’s a strange disconnect with Hillary.

Photo credit: Roni Gendler / [Victoria, TX] Advocate

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