You Can Stop Now, Hillary

Hillary Clinton is 404

Thank God, Pajamadeen can go to bed. Hillary couldn’t quite bring herself to congratulate her opponent, Barack Obama, for his North Carolina primary win and his hard-fought near-route of her in Indiana, but she did thank her supporters, her family, etc. in her 2:00 am speech after Indiana was barely declared a win for her. The lady who’s bad at math Mrs. Clinton said: “Now it’s on to West, Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon and the other states.” Oh, God. Give it a rest. It’s o-v-e-r.

Tim Russert, MSNBCAmidst reports that the Clintons are lending yet more money to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign, MSNBC’s Tim Russert reported that Mrs. Clinton has cancelled all of her appearances on morning talk shows for today and, in fact, has cancelled all appearances for the day. At 12:30 am, Russert said: “We now know who the Democratic nominee is going to be.” Chuck Todd of MSNBC crunched the numbers, calculating that Obama leads Clinton by about 710,000 in the popular vote — and still leads by about 200,000 if the Clintons succeed in their 31 May attempt to get the DNC to count disputed Florida and Michigan primary votes. Obama is also ahead by about 160 Democratic convention delegates.

Political analyst Carl Bernstein, commenting on CNN, said that “. . .there are superdelegates in the party who, after tonight, are ready to shut her down.” David Gergen echoed the sentiment, saying: “The superdelegates are starting to move, the dam is breaking.”

The Huffington Post bore a banner headline calling Obama “the presumptive nominee.” And, early in the morning, came news from Obama political strategist David Axelrod, who said that Obama plans to spend time in the next few weeks campaigning in states critical to this fall’s general election. “I don’t think we are going to spend our time solely in primary states,” he said. The six remaining locations with Democratic primaries scheduled are Kentucky, Montana, Oregon, Puerto Rico, South Dakota and West Virginia.

In yesterday’s North Carolina primary, Obama won with 56 percent of the vote (890,705) to Clinton’s 42 percent (657,943). In Indiana, Clinton won by a surprisingly narrow margin, with 51 percent of the vote (638,274) to Obama’s 49 percent (615,862).

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