Refreshing! Roland Martin Says Ralph Nader is Nuts

June 26, 2008 · Print This Article · Email This Post

Anderson Cooper, CNN

Last night on the “Raw Politics” segment of Anderson Cooper’s 360° show at CNN, the Rev. Al Sharpton and political commentator Roland S. Martin were discussing perennial Presidential candidate Ralph Nader’s statement to The Rocky Mountain News that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is trying to “talk white” and that since Obama is only “half African-American”, he’s not perceived as “another politically-threatening African-American politician.” In other words, not too scary for the average white American.


Cooper characterized the comments as coming “almost literally, from a hero in progressive politics and American consumers way back when, to a presidential spoiler in 2000, and 2004, and now, apparently, a racial bomb-thrower.”

Roland Martin, CNN

The Reverend Al Sharpton said: “I think Ralph Nader needs to understand, he’s [Obama] running for president for everyone. And to say he’s half black, well, he’s also half white, and he’s got some Latino and Asian. He’s all American. And that’s what we want for president, all American, not half anything. I think Ralph Nader is about 40 years behind the times in how we deal with the landscape here.”

But it was Martin who summed up Nader’s veiled racist remarks most succintly. “The Spinners had a song that said, ‘Everybody plays the fool sometimes/No exception to the rule.’…to point out the race issue, Nader is nuts.”

Read the transcript here. Or, read more political news, in another instance where politics brought out the worst in someone, and not the best.

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