Dog the Bounty Hunter is Officially Forgiven

February 19, 2008

Duane Chapman, dba Dog the Bounty Hunter, Returns to TV

Duane “The Dog” Chapman has performed enough penance by working with black leaders and civil rights groups such as CORE to promote racial equality, and all is forgiven at the A&E network, which is setting up shop in Hawaii to make a killing resume filming of the popular television show, “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” The TV series came to a screeching halt last fall when one of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s sons, Tucker, sold a taped phone conversation highlighting Dog’s prolific use of the “N” word and other racial slurs to a gossip rag. Coming as this did on the heels of Don Imus’ unfortunate words describing a girls’ basketball team, Dog was kicked to the curb in record time.

Beth Chapman, at Her 2006 Wedding to Dog the Bounty Hunter

After Tucker sold out Dog the tape went public, A&E put dog on a short leash but as advertisers withdrew sponsorship, the show was quickly cancelled. The revived show is good news for the Chapman household…all was apparently not quiet on the home front, with MSNBC reporting last fall that Dog’s wife, Beth Chapman, upset with Tucker, was reported to have screamed: “I don’t care if I lose every dime I have and have to eat out of garbage cans, I will have revenge!” Which just goes to prove that at least part of her is human. The show was wildly popular, had an almost cult-like following and aired in over 20 countries, so both A&E and the Chapmans are doing the happy dance right about now.

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Photo credit: Doug Hyun / AP

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