BUI: Boating Under the Influence

June 27, 2007

Boating Under the Influence, Kentucky RiverJust in time for the Fourth of July holiday, here’s an image which has annoyed us ever since it first appeared around Memorial Day. This 36-foot houseboat is balanced precariously on the edge of Kentucky River Dam No. 4 near Frankfort, KY; the stellar navigator, Stuart Winburn of Winchester, KY, was charged by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office with operating a boat under the influence. Mr. Winburn will also be given a bill for Frankfort Fire and EMS Technical Rescue Team overtime and a bill for use of a small barge required to remove the beached whale boat.


The most astonishing aspect of this photograph, however, was the reaction it garnered on the news, with CNN newscasters giggling at the picture. Drunk driving is drunk driving, folks. What’s so funny about endangering the lives of rescue personnel and the boat’s passengers? According to Stephen Reeder, executive director of the Kentucky River Authority, the four people on the houseboat were lucky they weren’t injured or killed: had the river been a little higher, the boat would have gone over the dam. Clearly, there’s room for a little more social enlightenment.

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Photo credit: Chase Sewell, The (KY) State Journal

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