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July 14, 2007

High health care bills? No insurance? Here’s a tongue-in-cheek suggestion from Michael Moore: Hook-a-Canuck!


In a recent CTV interview, Moore said: “I know you have your flaws and your problems with your system but the point of my movie was to show even with your problems, compared to what we have, I couldn’t find a Canadian willing to give up their national health insurance card and trade it for one of our HMO cards in this country…I think Americans would benefit by trying to be a little more Canadian-like.”

Compare that to our 47 million uninsured Americans (more than the entire population of Canada), our “every man for himself” attitude, and how we rank just ahead of Slovenia in providing health care to our citizens.

Trophy Canuck

Pajamadeen highly recommends acquiring a Canadian spouse. They’re the perfect accoutrement: low maintenance, friendly, cheerful and so handy to have around the house! We haven’d had to call a handyman once since we got ours, and every single female knows what it feels like to get hosed by a handyman…that is, if said handyman shows up at all. Our “trophy Canuck” gardens, cooks, vacuums, does laundry…and he comes with Canadian health insurance. Pajamadeen did have to make a few minor concessions regarding beer and hockey, but what more could a girl want?


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