Vintage Thanksgiving Eye Candy

November 27, 2008

A Scarce 1910 Black Americana Vintage Postcard Celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday

As our readers know, our secret vice is antique postcards and the fanciful artwork often found on them. This seemed like a good year to showcase a scarce 1910 black Americana Thanksgiving postcard which, while stereotypical in its portrayal of an Aunt Jemima-like black mammy and a husband closely resembling “Uncle Tom,” provides a glimpse of how white Americans envisioned blacks celebrating Thanksgiving almost 100 years ago.

A White American Version of Thanksgiving, Seen on a c. 1910 Vintage Postcard

Just to be fair, and by comparison, we’re including a “white,” — and very different — portrayal of Thanksgiving from the same time frame. While it’s graphically striking, we personally think that the black Americana postcard depicts better family values. May your turkey be moist.

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