Sarah Palin Depicted Nude in Chicago Bar

September 30, 2008

Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin is Depicted Nude in a Painting at a Chicago, Illinois BarA Chicago bar, the Old Town Ale House on the Windy City’s North Side, is drawing crowds with co-owner Bruce Elliott’s latest artistic creation: a four-foot-tall oil painting of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin posed nude atop a polar bear rug, save for a pair of red stiletto high heels and her trademark Kawasaki eyeglasses. Palin, an avid hunter, holds a gun as a moose ambles into the background of the image.
The Old Town Ale House in Chicago, IllinoisElliott, a Barack Obama supporter, says the Palin portrait idea occurred to him as he watched his daughter Grace imitating Palin. Grace served as the model. While admitting some attraction to the GOP’s vice presidential candidate, bar owner Elliott refers to Palin as “a real nasty piece of work.” According to Windy Citizen, Elliott says he doesn’t “think too much about taste. . . I’d like to offend somebody. I would love it if the Secret Service called me up.” The painting has become the bar’s “star attraction,” and, speaking of Governor Palin, Elliott remarked: “I don’t see how she could be offended by this. I made her into a sex figure.”

Elliott said that the moose was included in the painting “because it realizes she’s going to turn around and blow his brains out,” while the polar bear was added “because she doesn’t believe in global warming and the polar bear will go extinct because of it. . .I thought it was a nice touch.” The Ale House is frequented by Second City performers and crew; the walls are decorated with more than 200 paintings of bar patrons and Chicago-area celebrities.

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Photo credit: Benderbending, Flickr and Old Town Ale House

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