Michael Jackson Wants to Meet Leprechauns

July 10, 2006

Michael JacksonIt’s been reported by a British publication, Female First, that Michael Jackson is house hunting in County Cork, Ireland because he hopes to meet leprechauns. Probably time to get out of Bahrain anyway. He wouldn’t get any “second chances” under Islamic law.

Jackson signed a new record deal in April with Guy Holmes, an English music producer and CEO of Two Seas Records. The contract calls for one album, to be released in late 2007. A one-record deal doesn’t sound like much of a vote of confidence. But then how much confidence can one have in a 48-year-old guy who wants to live in Ireland to meet leprechauns? Maybe THAT’S what he thought the kids in California were!


Randa Star, a California psychic, was quoted as saying that the aging Bette Davis, oh excuse me, pop star considers Ireland a “spiritual place” and that he’s keenly interested in fairies and leprechauns. I’m sure he’ll receive a warm Irish welcome.

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