Spitzer Prostitute’s MySpace Page Hacked

March 13, 2008

Someone has hacked Ashley Dupré’s MySpace page. It received over five million hits after news broke yesterday that she was the prostitute who met New York Governor Eliot Spitzer on February 13 at the venerable Mayflower hotel in Washington, DC.

Ashley’s 15 minutes of fame went down on her with a MySpace message that the page had been deleted. It resurfaced with a link to a cellphone website. After going down again, it reappeared with someone named “Johnny” at the helm. “Johnny” claimed to be a 21-year-old Harvard student. The page has changed again — sans Ashley photos but saying it belongs to a 22-year-old female in New York City who describes her mood as “bitchy.” You can see Ashley passed out in our previous post about Spitzer’s paramour.

Proposed Great Seal of the State of New York

Speaking of Spitzer, here’s The (Montreal) Gazette’s suggestion for the Great Seal of the State of New York.

Photo credit: Aislin / The (Montreal) Gazette

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