Where’s the Fence Video: An Exercise in Delusion

June 6, 2007

Have you seen the “Where’s the Fence?™” video on TV yet? In it, three deluded harpies intended to represent public sentiment about border control and immigration demand to know where a border fence is. The Where’s The Fence?” website says: “Last year, Congress and the President promised 700 miles of fence. Now, with almost no progress on the fence, they are pushing ahead with amnesty. Let’s face it — we’ve been conned and it’s time for Americans to shout: “Where’s The Fence?”


Ladies, you’re going to have a long wait. Aside from the fact that we can’t afford to find, much less deport between 12 to 20 million people and a fence never kept out anyone who wanted in (ever heard of the Great Wall of China or the Berlin Wall?), politicians are mindful of the “browning of America” and all those potential votes.

The parent organization of the “Where’s The Fence”™ video is Grassfire.org, which says its mission is to hold “a strong and unwavering commitment to conservative, pro-family and pro-faith values.” Uh-oh. Founded by Steve Elliott to mobilize conservatives on the Internet, one of Grassfire’s more interesting propositions is a petition to send American troops to Mexico. Pajamadeen didn’t make that up. Really. (Pajamadeen also isn’t going to fix all the places that need a “sic;” it would take forever.) The petition states: “I ask that our American Troops be deployed to protect and escort the illegal Mexicans back into Mexico and that our troops stay there until the People of Mexico have created a constitution, a bill of rights and elect a president and congress to enforce this. Sign the petition then call the President at comments: 202-456-1111 or switchboard: 202-456-1414.”

A user with the handle “FeathersFlying” writes: “I have been e-mailing Presidet Bush and all of my state represenatives on a daily basis [can you spell crackpot?] suggesting this is the way to resolve the amnesty immediately. There is one added benifit to having American Armed forces in control of Mexico they would then be able to control the border from Mexico’s side. I believe that once the people of Mexico understand that we are there to help them and are commited to staying until they have a fair system they will come together. Oh, they’ll come together alright. But just not in the way that you think they will.

Other petition topics include:

  • Bank of America — Stop Assisting Illegals!
  • Win In Iraq!
  • PBS and NPR should not be given OUR taxes for Funding
  • Public Libraries — Stop Internet Porn Access!
  • Senate Chaplain — Stop Religious Bigotry Huh?
  • ACLU Guilty of Terrorism Against the United States of America!

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