How Long Can Anderson Cooper Stand in Water?

September 13, 2008

Venomous Southeastern Water Moccasin SnakeCNN’s Anderson Cooper is standing up to his waist in the alligator and snake-infested waters of Bridge City, TX to deliver his post-Hurricane Ike storm coverage. Even Cooper admitted that he was standing in the water “like an idiot.” Well, you said it Anderson, not us. Cooper’s “special coverage” is expected to last for two hours, ending at 8 p.m. But why do it in the first place? At one point, the camera panned to a nearby venomous Southeastern water moccasin. The species is notably aggressive. Several CNN staff commented on Cooper’s precarious location.

We expect the grandstanding from Geraldo, but it’s a shame to see Cooper, a solid reporter, stoop to this level. He just looks stupid. Whose idea was this? CNN reporter Rusty Dornin waded out around 7:30 and and joined Cooper for awhile, as “dead rats and other critters,” according to Anderson, floated by.

Bridge City is in wetlands — located on the west bank of Cow Bayou and adjacent to the saltwater Sabine Lake which flows into the Gulf of Mexico. The town is also bordered by the Neches River. It’s in Orange County, on the Louisiana border. In other words, this is alligator and water moccasin heaven.

The other, even dumber move of the day was the appearance of the improbably named “Cayenne,” in a video which aired several times on CNN. Cayenne, who appeared to be about eight, and her family rode out the storm in a closet in a coastal town. When asked by a reporter if she was scared, she admitted she was scared “a little bit.” But then she rallied, proclaiming: “We’re islanders! We’re built to survive!” Her father looked on proudly. Congratulations, Dad. You’ve just taught Cayenne to disregard severe weather warnings. Actually, we wonder why people with children who decide to “tough it out” in hurricanes aren’t charged with child endangerment.

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