Total Lunar Eclipse and Belgrade, Serbia Riots

February 21, 2008

Total Lunar Eclipse Creating Blood Moon in Melbourne, Australia

Did you see the total lunar eclipse last night? Here in Tiny Town, we had clear skies and were able to watch the whole display. Native Americans call this the Snow Moon, as the heaviest snowfalls usually occur in February. Instead of snow, we’re having an ice storm today. Pajamadeen, being a practical sort, secretly lusts after a generator. That way, she could skip the Waltonesque “back to the basics” phase which is likely to ensue — sitting on the sofa by candlelight, with no heat, devoid of her Internet lifeline and unable to watch DVDs. Poor, pitiful Pajamadeen — Don’t you feel sorry for her?

Total Lunar Eclipse in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Here’s what the lunar eclipse looked like in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Meanwhile, at least 200,000 protestors gathered in Belgrade, Serbia today to protest U.S. support of Kosovo’s newly-declared independence. Kosovo is considered by most Serbs to be their cultural and religious heartland. They’ve torched the U.S. embassy, which has been closed for a couple of days due to anticipated unrest. That’s one way to keep warm.

Protestors in Belgrade, Serbia Burn U.S. Flag While Demonstrating Against Kosovo Independence

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica fanned the flames addressed the crowds from a Serbian-flag draped stage which displayed a banner reading “Kosovo is Serbia.” He told the crowd: “As long as we live, Kosovo is Serbia…Kosovo belongs to the Serbian people.” Kosovo is often described as Serbia’s Jerusalem, the heart of the country since medieval times. Riot police have moved in. Several embassies of countries which have recognized Kosovo’s independence are in the same area as the U.S. embassy. Serbian trains provided free transportation to Belgrade today and schools were closed as well. Some estimates say there are actually one to two million protestors. Milos Vasic of the Serbian magazine Vreme, described the situation between police and the unexpectedly large crowds as a “stand-off.” President Bush heralded Kosovo’s independence while on his current African tour. Russian President Vladimir Putin had warned that independence wouldn’t go smoothly, and said it was “immoral and illegal” for Western nations such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the United States to recognize Kosovo’s independence. Perhaps sitting here quietly on the sofa won’t be such a tough row to hoe after all.

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Photo credits: Enrique Marcarian, Mick Tsikas and Ivan Milutinovic / Reuters

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