Find Out Your True Age with Online Quiz

April 23, 2013

I’ve outsmarted Harvard!

The Intelligent Interactive Systems Group at Harvard — which works to increase computer accessibility, ease of use (and fun!) — developed an online age test based on the fact that our motor skills and motor control change (translate: decline) as we age. While the test claims it can accurately predict your age as you click on a series of dots on a computer screen, the test determined that my age is 39.

Yes! Make my day! Never mind my chronological age. It’s a state secret. Right. Not. While the test is over, I think our keyboarding skills are what skewed the age prediction. It took about seven minutes to dial back the clock to a new age. Way cheaper than Botox or plastic surgery!

Not Quite as Lithe and Limber as This Young Contortionist

The test monitored movement speed and reaction time, and even how the mouse was moved from one area of the screen to another. Harvard developed the aging test for “” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>LabintheWild, which offers others interesting tests, and describes itself as testing one’s “cultural preferences and perception. At the end of each experiment, you’ll see a page with your personalized feedback, which lets you compare yourself and your performance to people of other countries. By participating, you contribute to research on people’s similarities and differences around the world when interacting with technology.” Other interesting tests at LabintheWild include:

Me, I just wish I was as limber as the enthusiastic young contortionist who has his body draped over a large ball.

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