Tomatoes are Here, Tomatoes are Here!

July 15, 2007

First Tomato Harvest - Red Tomatoes, Orange Tomatoes and Yellow TomatoesIf Pajamadeen sounds excited, it’s because we harvested our first cherry tomatoes and yellow tomatoes from our tomato patch this week. Soon, we’ll be overrun with tomatoes, as this new tomato gardener recently was. But being overrun with tomatoes is half the fun of growing them: serving them at every meal; canning tomatoes; finding baskets of tomatoes on the back porch from other gardeners; and leaving your tomato harvest on their doorstep in return. Nashvilleans are so fond of tomatoes that they’re holding their fourth annual Tomato Art Fest on 11 August 2007 in historic East Nashville’s Five Points area. Highlights include the crowning of the Tomato King and Tomato Queen (pick me!), a juried tomato art show, a tomato toss and a Bloody Mary competition.

If you’ve never tried fried green tomatoes, a true Southern delicacy, here’s a simple recipe from Southern Living and for creating this mouth-watering delicacy:

Green Tomato and CosmosNot quite ready for fried green tomatoes? Turn them into artwork, as seen in this green tomato photograph taken late in the growing season. Most of the tomato harvesting was done, and Pajamadeen just had to photograph this composition of green tomatoes, entwined on a bean pole and with a touch of color provided by pink cosmos flowers.

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