Santa Claus Hates You T-Shirts Sell Out

December 3, 2007

Santa Claus Hates You T-ShirtUrban Outfitters, well-known for their T-shirts and previous controversial games such as Ghettopoly, a Monopoly parody, has released a new T-shirt that would please Scrooge or the Grinch. Instead of a smiling happy Santa, the black shirt shows Santa giving the finger, with “Santa Claus Hates You” printed on the garment.

Urban Outfitters refused to comment on whether they were receiving complaints about the T-shirt. But they’ve sold out in many locations, so someone must like them. Last year, the company sold a Christmas tree ornament called the “Glittering Gun,” amidst calls for a boycott of the chain.

Glittering Gun Christmas Tree OrnamentIn other strange holiday news, at least one post office is requiring people who answer Dear Santa letters to provide photo identification and sign a liability waiver, due to concerns that sexual predators might answer letters that children write to Santa. According to Doylestown, PA Postmaster Eileen Wilkinson: “A corporation or nonprofit must promise not to hold the post office responsible for legal action that might result from ‘authorized or unauthorized handling, use and response to the subject Letters to Santa by any person’. . .Worries about sexual predators, identity theft and frivolous lawsuits make it imperative that the names and addresses not fall into the wrong hands. Protecting our children is our No. 1 concern, so we want to know who is requesting the letters,” she added.

About two years ago, Kentucky post offices ceased their annual “Angel Tree” operations. A Christmas tree decorated with paper ornaments bearing the names and ages of needy children and what they wanted for Christmas stood in a corner of the post office lobby here in Tiny Town, waiting for postal patrons to pick the name of a child whom they could delight. It was ruled by higher-up postal authorities that the tree had to go: it had nothing to do with postal service activities. And, of course, it was a symbol of Christmas and may have been viewed as “politically incorrect,” although that issue was unaddressed when the tree was removed.

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