Firefighter Rescued in Tiny Town! Chapter 3

August 3, 2006

Zinnia CentralWhen last we saw Tony the Tiny, he was picking his way carefully across the leaves in Zinnia Central, to reach Madame Butterfly, reported to be in great distress via a five-alarm signal conveyed by Darryl the Bluejay.

Heat Exhaustion

It was true! Madame Butterfly, queen of Flowerland, was in trouble! Her wings were stuck together from searing heat and humidity, and she would quickly starve if unable to collect nectar from Flowerland residents.

Glorious Madame Butterfly

Unlike Human Beans, however, Flowerland petals realized that they needed Madame Butterfly as much as she needed them. By the time Tony got there, they had united to fan Madame Butterfly with their leaves, and leaned in to give her sips of nectar. Now, she could fly.

Cosmos LadderA call came in from Sunflower Southwest again. Tony was tiring, so Madame Butterfly gave him a ride part-way there. Then, he climbed up a cosmos ladder to take the call. It was really hot all suited up, but Tony didn’t mind, if it meant that he could help someone.


Drama Queen

All this work, and it was a drama queen, a self-centered sunflower! Sunflowers like to show off, and this one was a cry baby. She wanted to file a police report because the breeze had knocked off one of her petals. Tony told her she’d have to call the cops. She claimed she was allergic to bees and that she was going into anaphylactic shock from the bee stinging her, and began to cry even harder when Tony told her that she might need a shot to take down the “swelling.” The bee became upset as well, saying she was just doing her job.

Sometimes, a firefighter has to do a lot of things that don’t seem to have all that much to do with firefighting, especially in a small place like Tiny Town, which has no hospital. He whispered to the bee to buzz off, and the bee gladly left to find other less difficult flowers. He soothed the drama queen by telling her that she looked so sexy with one flower petal missing, and so grown up. Firemen are also good at slinging the. . .well, you know what I mean, Green Bean.

Will Tony ever get PAID for all this hard work? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment.

In the meantime, although you won’t find mention of it on American TV, Typhoon Prapiroon, named after the Thai rain god, hit mainland China today, along the coast of the Guangdong province and including the cities of Yangjiang and Dianbai. Over 400,000 residents were evacuated. (Wonder if it took as long as it took to evacuate 25,000 Americans from Lebanon?) More than 1,460 people have already been killed in this year’s unusually early typhoon season. More than one million homes have been damaged, with millions of acres of forests and farmland destroyed. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is seeking donations of $4.8 million to feed and house the 240,000 people already left homeless by typhoon-related flooding. But hey, those are just little yellow people, who cares? And now you’re current on the news again.

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