Cretin News: John Mark Karr’s Fiancee

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The Dodo, an Extinct Bird Renowned for Its StupidityThe Dodo Award is being handed out! Just when one thinks it surely isn’t possible for people to sink to yet lower levels of stupidity and/or naivete, along comes Ms. Brooke Simmons of Louisiana to prove us wrong. The attractive 23-year-old is engaged to publicity whore John Mark Karr, 42, whom we all recall as that very strange man who claimed to have been with child beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey when she was murdered. Although he was ruled out as a suspect in the JonBenét case and California child pornography charges against him were dropped when prosecutors lost his computer, Karr has a tendency to insert himself into the news on occasion.

Brooke Simmons Gazes Adoringly at John Mark KarrIn an Inside Edition video released last week which was replete with images of the lovers holding hands and kissing in a park as dappled sunshine filters down on them, Simmons described Karr as “very sensitive and very romantic.” Karr, who admits to having been in Thailand seeking a sex change operation and who was taking medications as part of the transgender transformation, has agreed to remain male, as per Brooke’s wishes. Brooke seems to have no idea why she’s even living with Karr, saying: “I sit back every day and think…how did this happen? And, I don’t know. I don’t have an answer for it. I try to come up with an answer for it. . . I don’t know.”

JonBenet Ramsey, Murdered Child Beauty QueenAnother thing she doesn’t know, despite the fact that she has a three-year-old daughter living in the Karr home, is whether Karr actually played any role in JonBenét’s murder. According to Inside Edition, “She says she has asked John questions about the case, but she would not speculate as to whether he had any involvement or not. ‘I’m not saying he’s innocent. I’m not saying he’s guilty. We are all sinners, but that’s between us and God.’ ” In an August 2007 CNN interview with journalist Erica Hill, Karr said that his fiancee is comfortable with him spending time alone with the little girl. Where is this child’s father?

Brooke’s new neighbors seem to have more street smarts. In October 2006, Jim King, president of the Chastain Park Neighborhood Association, sent out an edition of the group’s newsletter which read: “This is to let you know that John Mark Karr has moved into his father’s home on Merlendale Drive NW just south of Mount Paran Road in North Chastain Park. Also, Merlendale Drive is approximately three blocks north of the Chastain Park playground. As you may recall, there have been many published reports in newspapers on Mr. Karr relating to incidents in Colorado, California, and Thailand.” When asked about his motivation, King said: “It is not our role to have a say in who lives or does not live in our neighborhood. . .Our sole goal is to create citizen awareness in our community and that’s exactly what we did.”

Sweethearts in CourtOther than the two television interviews, Karr’s most recent public appearance came on 6 July 2007, when he was involved in a domestic dispute at his elderly father’s home in Sandy Springs, GA, near Atlanta. Karr and his girlfriend are leeching off of living with Karr’s father, Wexford Carr, in an area where homes typically sell for $600,000 or more. An argument between the three resulted in Simmons calling 911: a call which Karr tried to prevent. He was charged with battery and obstruction of a 911 call. The police report indicated that Brooke had her bags packed and was ready to leave. Here, the sweethearts emerge hand-in-hand from court, after Fulton County Magistrate Judge Stephanie Davis said she’d dismiss the charges if Karr has no violent contact with his 90+-year-old father and if he gets six months of domestic violence counseling. Brooke stood by her man in court. Afterwards, she said: “He’s not a violent man. I’m not a victim. . .It’s because of his notoriety only.”

No date has been set for the nuptials. Karr has been twice married, to 13-year-old Quientana Ray Shotts in 1984, and to 16-year-old Lara Knutson in 1989. Both women complained of physical and/or emotional abuse, with Knutson describing Karr as “very controlling” in her divorce petition. She divorced Karr after his Petaluma, California arrest on five misdemeanor counts of possession of child pornography. She was also granted a restraining order against Karr. (Not to mention the fact that one of Karr’s reasons for moving to Petaluma in the first place was his fascination with the Polly Klaas murder.)

Brooke, honey, we realize that you might not be the sharpest pencil in the box, but get a grip! Get a life! Run! Far away! Now!

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